Hit Rewind

by T.O.N.E-z

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Have you ever thought what would happen if you could "hit rewind" and go back in time and change the outcome of certain situations?


What if you could turn back time
Take your life press rewind
Spend time with someone ya lost
Fix mistakes you now know the cost
Take back those words you said that
Made you wish you could win your friend back
The things you said really hurt their feelings
You never got a chance to reverse
Dealing ..........the cards life hands you
Leave you feeling like no one understands you
Confusion is a place I ran to
No one understands me like my fans do
Wish I could take back mistakes by the ton
But that might reverse the man I've become
I was drunk one night swore this girl was fine
When I woke up wishing I could

Ladies I know some of yall wish that
You never let that cornball hit that
Now he wont stop blowin ya jack up
Facebook hawkin' you tweetin' and stalkin' you
Imagine you could hit that rewind button
And dead that fool like he stole somethin'
He trippin' always beggin' can he hole somethin'
Get at me ma you know T.O.N.E-z be stutin'
But back in the days I broke
Would I like to press rewind to that "nope"
You ever type a text cause you're pissed then
Think about it and wish that you never clicked send
Ever wish your ex wasn't ya ex
You tried replacing them but still got love for them
These thoughts are on everyones mind
Instead of turnin' up you wish you could turn back time


released July 11, 2014
lyrics written and performed by Emmy Nominated Rapper T.O.N.E-z Produced by TunnaBeatz



all rights reserved


T.O.N.E-z New York

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